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For reviewers, MyAppAware aims to let you get paid app for free and earn real bonus      For developers, MyAppAware aims to let you get honest guaranteed reviews and build longer-term relationships with genuine iPhone users !

-- The MyAppAware Team

MyAppAware For Developer

Easy Set Up

Reference your app in MyAppAware, choose how many reviews you want, determine how reviewers should act on your app, decide what promotion method would be, wait and see it's all happening!


Great Communication Channel

While setting up your campaign, decide how you'd like reviewers act on your app, do you want them to answer specific questions about your app or follow your Twitter or become your fan on Facebook? We can make all these happen. Our reviewers not only purchase and review your app in app store, but also help you improve your app and join your community. We will help you build longer term relationship with genuine iPhone users and with no doubt, they will be more than happy to purchase your next app and recommend your app to their friends.


Track Entire Campaign Progress

Track exactly what's going on with your app i.e. who is interested in your app, who reviewed your app, who acted on your app etc. If you like, you can get instant notification when a review/action is completed as well.


Look Into Individual Review/Action

Check what reviews are and how actions are completed easily. You can also feedback to us how well reviewer has completed action for you. Based on your suggestion, we will determine how much bonus each reviewer should get.


Bonus For Your App

We let reviewer get your app for free, we reward reviewer for reviewing and acting on your app, you get honest guaranteed reviews and longer term relationship with real users and most importantly, a growing user community, high five everyone!


MyAppAware Page

A MyAppAware Page will be generated for your app, it will help your app to gain public awareness in seconds!