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To all app developers, we are providing an honest, independent, legit review service, therefore please read the following section carefully before purchasing reviews from us:

1. All our reviewers are genuine iPhone users and not employees or bogus iTunes accounts.

2. We do not dictate the reviews or the star ratings to our reviewers, instead we strongly emphasize all reviews need to be written honestly.

3. Do not attempt to use our service as a tool to manipulate your App Store rankings, we are not designed to do so and will not cooperate.

If you have any concern, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our online contact form or by emailing


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What can MyAppAware do for developers?

MyAppAware enables iPhone app developers to get honest guaranteed reviews for their apps, build longer term relationship with genuine iPhone users and grow your own community.

How does it work?

There are many iPhone app developers are keen to get honest decent reviews and feedback on their apps and grow their own community, there are also many iPhone users are looking for high quality apps, MyAppAware provides a service to make all these happen, we encourage reviewer to review and act on your app(answer your question, follow your Twitter, become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page) by refunding back their purchase cost and rewarding them real money for the effort. You get exact ends you are seeking for your app - actual downloads, real user reviews and a growing community for your app and company.

Why choose us?

As you might already know, traditional advertisting models charge by views or clicks and don't promise you any real return. Whereas with MyAppAware, you only pay for the exact ends you are looking for your app - actual downloads and real user reviews and actions.

We refund back reviewer's purchase cost and reward them for reviewing and acting on your app on your behalf, reviewers can get your app for free and earn up to $2 for per review completed, MyAppAware is the most generous service of the similar kind in the market.

What's Next?

Simply sign up a developer account with us, once you have confirmed your email, sign back in and start creating campaign for your app as: referencing your app, deciding how many reviews/actions you want and intended outreach, MyAppAware distributes your app to reviewer community accordingly, Once reviewer completes a review, you will get an instant notification, you can easily track the progress of entire campaign (i.e. who reviewed your app, who completed action for your app, what the the review is and how the action is completed etc.) We also has tool to encourage reviewer to recommend your app to their friends. We will make your app truely aware.