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To all app reviewers, we are providing an honest, independent, legit review service, therefore please following the rules below before posting your review in App Store:

1. Star-rate and write a review honestly i.e. your review is your honest thought of the app, we are not asking for fake reviews. Your star rating should reflect the tone of your review, thus don't say "Great App" and give it a 1 star rating.

2. Do not attempt to create multiple reviewer accounts, one identity with multiple reviewer accounts is strictly prohibited, it will lead to the suspension of all your accounts.

3. Your review should show that you have actually looked at the app and seen that it does what it is supposed to do. Reviews should include your impression and thought of the app, reviews like "Great App!" are not acceptable.

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What can MyAppAware do for reviewers?

MyAppAware not only lets iPhone users get paid apps for free but also earn real bonus, you can earn up to $2 for per review and action completed.

How does it work?

There are many iPhone app developers are keen to get honest decent reviews and feedback on their apps and grow their own community, there are also many iPhone users are looking for high quality apps, MyAppAware provides a service to make all these happen, in order to encourage you to write a review and act on an app, we not only refund back your purchase, but also reward you real money for your effort. MyAppAware is the most generous service of the similar kind in the market.

What's Next?

Simply sign up a reviewer account with us, once you have confirmed your email, sign back in and pick the app you like from our repository, You'll need to pay for the app as normal, but as soon as you reviewed and acted on the app, your purchase cost and bonus will be accumulated in MyAppAware, depend on your payment plan, you can decide when to withdraw the funds.

Are we legitimate?

We reward you up to $2 for signing up an account with us, we will send it to your PayPal account instantly after you complete your first review and action. We also have free apps for you to review and act on, in fact, we highly recommend you to review and act on one of our free apps to check out how our service works and receive your sign up bonus, this will prove to you we are providing a legitimate service.